IDTitoloParole chiaveArea di studio italianaTipologiaLingua
1Soil priorities for Italy. A multi-stakeholder consultation, barriers and opportunities for research systemSoil challenges;Soil sealing;Soil erosion;Soil organic matter;Knowledge segments;Knowledge barriers;Knowledge opportunities;Multi-stakeholders consultationItaliaarticolo scientificoInglese
2Soil-plant interaction mediated by indigenous AMF in grafted and own-rooted grapevines under field conditionsabiotic stress, conservative agriculture, gas exchanges, rootstock-scion interaction, soil biota.Lazioarticolo scientificoInglese
3Identification of Beneficial Microbial Consortia and Bioactive Compounds with Potential as Plant Biostimulants for a Sustainable Agriculture. SIMBA; sustainable agriculture; plant growth-promoting microorganisms; microbial consortia; metagenome fragment recruitments; delivery methods; in vitro compatibility; bioactive compoundsNon applicabilearticolo scientificoInglese
4Effects of Multi-Species Microbial Inoculants on Early Wheat Growth and Litterbag Microbial Activityplant-growth-promoting microorganisms; microbial consortia inoculants; microbial fertilizer; plant-microbe interactions; pot experiments; greenhouse; litterbag-NIRS methodNon applicabilearticolo scientificoInglese
5A Metagenomic and Gene Expression Analysis in Wheat (T. durum) and Maize (Z. mays) Biofertilized with PGPM and Biocharbiofertilizer; biochar; Zea mays; Triticum durum; gene expression; rhizospheric microbes; soil pollutionRegione Emilia Romagnaarticolo scientificoInglese
6Designing a Waste-Based Culture Medium for the Production of Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms Based on Cladodes Juice from Opuntia ficus-indica PruningOpuntia pruning wastes; cladodes juice; plant growth-promoting microorganisms; biofertilizers; microbial biomassBasilicataarticolo scientificoInglese
7Il microbioma dell’agro-ecosistema al servizio della produzione primariaBiofertilizzanti, agricoltura sostenibile, One HealthNon applicabilearticolo scientificoitaliano
8Agricoltura e ambiente, la qualità dei suoli, pesticidi e contaminantiSuolo Capitale Naturale, conservazione e recupero, agro-ecosistemi, biodiversità microbica del suoloItaliaarticolo scientificoitaliano
9Influence of Acacia mangium on Soil Fertility and Bacterial Community in Eucalyptus Plantations in the Congolese Coastal Plainsnutrient-poor soil; soil phosphorus; soil fertility; Acacia mangium; Eucalyptus; soil bacterial community; microbial ecology; belowground biodiversity; ecosystem functionsNon applicabilearticolo scientificoInglese
10Does the Introduction of N2-Fixing Trees in Forest Plantations on Tropical Soils Ameliorate Low Fertility and Enhance Carbon Sequestration via Interactions Between Biota and Nutrient Availability?soil biota, ecosysem services, soil nutrientNon applicabilearticolo scientificoInglese
11Soil organic matter quality along rotations in acacia and eucalypt plantations in the Congolese coastal plains.SOM dynamics, bulk soil, N, CNon applicabilearticolo scientificoInglese
12Organic matter quality of forest floor as a driver of C and P dynamics in acacia and eucalypt plantations established on a Ferralic Arenosols, CongoMixed-species plantations, Soil chemical stability, Organic P, Forest ecosystems, Potential climate change mitigationNon applicabilearticolo scientificoInglese
13Impact of microbial consortia on organic maize in a temperate climate varies with environment but not with fertilizationPGPR, AMF, Biofertilizer, Biostimulants, Field microbial inoculation, Organic fertilizationNon applicabilearticolo scientificoInglese
14Soil Bacterial Community Response to Differences in Agricultural Management along with Seasonal Changes in a Mediterranean RegionLand use, soil microbial diversity, soil managementSardegnaarticolo scientificoInglese
15Belowground Microbiota and the Health of Tree Cropssoil microbiota, tree crops, agro-ecosystemsNon applicabilearticolo scientificoInglese
16LINEE GUIDA per l’applicazione e la diffusione dell’Agricoltura Conservativaagricoltura conservativa, linee guida, gestione sostenibileNord Italia
17Agricoltura Conservativa; 8 anni di esperienze in Venetoagricoltura conservativa, servizi ecosistemici, costi/ricaviVeneto
18Assessing the role of agri-environmental measures to enhance the environment in the Veneto Region, Italy, with a model-based approachAgri-environmental practices, models, conservative agriculture, soil qualityVeneto
19Agro-environmental aspects of conservation agriculture compared to
conventional systems: A 3-year experience on 20 farms in the Po valley (Northern Italy)
Conservative agriculture, Soil organic carbon, Crop Yield, biological fertility, Soil BiodiversityNord Italia
20Cover crops during transition to no-till maintain yield and enhance soil
fertility in intensive agro-ecosystems
Cover Crops, No-till, Soil FertilityEmilia-Romagna
21Organic carbon storage potential in deep agricultural soil layers: Evidence
from long-term experiments in northeast Italy
Organic carbon, deep soil layer, long term experiment, meadow, agroecological praticesNord Italia
22Soil type and cropping system as drivers of soil quality indicators response to no-till: A 7-year field studyCropping systems, soil quality, agroecological indicators, no till, conservative agricultureNord Italia
23Il contributo dello stoccaggio di carbonio nei suoli agricoli alla mitigazione del cambiamento climatico Suolo, Cambiamenti climatici, Agricoltura, Carbonio, MitigazioneNon applicabile